Titan Swap Price Prediction 2022-2025

An article on the titan cryptocurrency price has been long overdue, given the history of decentralized finance (DeFi.) The explosion of DeFi took place in 2020 and gave rise to multiple, now-familiar features of the financial landscape. These features include decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), decentralized stablecoins, decentralized lending, decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX), and more.

Unfortunately, shortly after the explosion, issues within the space would soon arise with regard to aspects like user experience and risk control. These challenges would ultimately help the DeFi space expand as developers rushed to solve them with an array of innovations – TitanSwap (TITAN) made the most of this revolution. With that in mind, throughout this guide, we’ll talk about what TitanSwap is, how to buy some, and even the Titan cryptocurrency price’s rise to glory. Stick with us to the end.

How to Buy Titan Swap – Overview

For those who’d like to jump right in and buy the titan cryptocurrency at its current price, here is a safe step-by-step guide on how to do so.

  • Step 1: Register With MEXC – First, head to the MEXC homepage and begin the registration process. Only your name and email address are required.
  • Step 2: Verify Account – Before making purchases or withdrawals on the platform, you’ll need to complete a standard Know Your Client (KYC) procedure. Every regulated trading or investment platform will require you to go through this.
  • Step 3: Deposit Funds – Use any of the methods provided by MEXC to deposit the funds you’d like to exchange for TITAN.
  • Step 4: Buy Titan Swap (TITAN) – With your verified and funded account, head to the dashboard and type TITAN on the search bar. Invest in the token at the current titan coin price.

What is Titan Swap?

Launched by Huobi on September 24 2020, TitanSwap is a crypto platform advertising itself as the default go-to for automated liquidity mining, seamless cross-chain token swaps, and DAO. As its whitepaper stated, “TITAN is a de-financialization centre standing on the shoulders of its DeFi predecessors and offering Generation Z and new millennials utter control over their financial assets without any centralized custody.”

titan swap website homepage

TitanSwap also qualifies as an aggregated liquidity pool that supports smart order routing. That implies you can manage a small number of digital assets on the platform without needing advanced financial knowledge or understanding sophisticated on-chain transactions.

Additional core features of TitanSwap that allow it to stand apart from its competition include the following:


Also known as TITAN, this is the governing token on TitanSwap. This token gives one voting and proposal rights and allows investors and traders to manoeuvre alongside the creators in an effort to curve a promising future for the coin. Titan DAO also provides additional incentives for liquidity traders and providers.


This addition helps increase the efficiency of on-chain settlements and clearing, which, in turn, reduces GAS consumption.

TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve

The adaptive bonding curve describes the relationship between the titan cryptocurrency price and supply. As the TITAN whitepaper elaborated, “TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve automatically adapts the bonding curve to distinct asset classes to combine better price discovery with greater liquidity”.

This further allows TitanSwap to enable smart routing on all its orders from cross-chain liquidity pools and guarantee an “optimal path for trading” at the best price but with the least slippage.

TITAN Automated Order

Once a transaction order in the queue reaches a predetermined execution price, TITAN’s automated market maker (AMM) – based automated order mechanism is used to execute the orders automatically.

Another thing to note is that the anonymous team supports TitanSwap.

Where to Buy Titan Swap

Here, we’ll guide you through the array of cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to buy the titanswap coin at its current price. Note, however, that as with most altcoins, you cannot buy TitanSwap (TITAN) directly via traditional financial methods (like bank cards or PayPal.)

Instead, you’ll need to purchase another cryptocurrency that you can easily acquire via fiat (think the Binance coin, Ethereum, bitcoin, or tether), then transfer the coins to a crypto wallet or crypto exchange that supports TitanSwap (TITAN) trading (like the ones we’ve listed below.)


Also known as MEXC Global, MEXC is a leading crypto exchange offering its service worldwide. With approximately 1437 cryptocurrency offerings on its platform, this global exchange is licensed to operate in Australia, Canada, the US and more than 200 other nations and regions.

MEXC site

The platform also supports several fiat currencies for first-time crypto traders and investors. Available options include USD, CAD, JPY, AED, PKR, PHP, and TWD.

Another point worth noting is that MEXC is currently the third largest coin listing in the world, a much-deserved spot. The exchange is backed by a strong founding team whose members have been players in other leading finance and Blockchain companies. In fact, the group claims to have been working on blockchain technology since its inception.

In addition to being a leading crypto exchange in terms of listed currencies, MEXC also offers an all-in-one exchange platform where you can trade a wide array of digital assets like margin, spot, leveraged ETF, and futures trading services. Not to mention MEXC’s broad 6-million user base and high liquidity score will be a great plus.

Regarding fees, MEXC charges its clients a 0.20 percent taker/maker fee on spot trading. Every spot trading transaction on the platform is charged at the same rate. For futures trading taker and maker fees, they’re 0.020 percent and 0.060 percent, respectively.

MEXC is also one of the best secure crypto exchanges, allowing you to store your assets in your cold-storage crypto wallet. Unlike most of its counterparts, the platform has never experienced significant security lapses since its founding.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to sign up at MEXC, scroll to the guide at the bottom of the page.

2. Coinbase

Any guide on how to buy TITAN would be incomplete without Coinbase, one of the most recognizable brands in the realm of cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. In addition to the Titan Cryptocurrency, the exchange offers more than 100 tradable digital currencies to its 70 million+ users of varying experience levels.

Coinbase site

Coinbase was founded in 2012, giving it a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. Over the period, the platform has established a stellar reputation as one of the best secure exchanges. To hold an account on the platform, you’re required to enable a 2-factor authentication as well as a whitelisting option.

Being a huge company, Coinbase has also gone the extra mile to ensure it has a strong customer support function in place. The support team is mainly accessed through the platform’s live chat option, which is available 24/7 365. You could also contact the team through a ticketed system or phone call.

3. BitMart

Founded in 2017, BitMart is a leading crypto exchange available in 180+ nations. Better yet. It allows users to sell, buy, and store over 1,000 tokens and digital currencies. The company is currently incorporated in the Cayman Islands and has been repeatedly voted one of the best exchanges for small to mid-cap cryptocurrencies.

BitMark Site

What’s more? As a BitMart customer, you’ll be able to use the exchange’s earn feature, which allows you to receive an interest on every crypto asset you hold on the exchange. Yes, that includes the Titan cryptocurrency as well as the exchange’s native token, BitMart Token (BMX.)

Additional reasons that every crypto enthusiast interested in trading a range of lesser-known cryptocurrencies should consider giving BitMart a try include their excellent customer support, withdrawal efficiency, and the fact they’re big on transparency.

Top that off with their 0.045 percent to 0.25 percent transaction fees as well as manageable minimum deposits.

4. Huobi Global

Launched in 2013, Huobi Global is one of the world’s most used and trusted crypto exchanges with strongholds in the Asian market. The fact this exchange is a complete digital asset ecosystem is evident in the fact it has developed one of the most solid user bases and communities since its inception.

Huobi Site

Most of these users love that the platform covers everything from derivatives and spot trading to crypto lending, staking, and other yield-generating opportunities. Another compelling reason you should consider buying your titan coins from Huobi Globals is the platform’s deep liquidity that awards the platform one of the highest average trading volumes.

Huobi charges a 0.2 percent base fee, but if you’re a Huobi token holder, the fee rate gets reduced to 0.18 if you have more than 10 Huobi Tokens.

5. CoinTiger

Launched in December 2017, CoinTiger is a centralized crypto exchange from Singapore with more than 1.8 million users as of the writing of this article. These users are from more than 40 distinct nations, including Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia.

CoinTiger site

To help accommodate their worldwide users, the team behind CoinTiger has also availed the platform’s website in multiple languages, namely Tieng Viet, Korean, Russian, English, and ‘simplified Chinese.”

Supported cryptos? CoinTiger offers trading in 89 distinct cryptocurrencies and has more than 150 trading pairs. The platform is available as a mobile application for any crypto traders who’d like access to the site even when out and about.

A review of CoinTiger would be incomplete if we didn’t mention their Ecosystem Fund. In 2018, the platform established its ecosystem fund to specialize in token investment and Blockchain equity investment. The fund has already invested in 1st-tier projects like Cocos BCX, Carblock, Carry, Lianyixia, Mytoken, BKBT, RSK, and Perlin.

The Ecosystem Fund has also covered investments in early-phase blockchain-related projects, project consulting, investment banking, and more. Regarding deposit options, CoinTiger is an “entry-level exchange,” implying you can purchase your first crypto at the exchange using fiat currencies.

Both debit or credit card deposits and wire transfers are possible.

6. KuCoin

Launched in August 2017, KuCoin is a leading name in the crypto realm, and for good reason. The exchange has exponentially grown from the early days of offering only cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading. Today, they also offer a wide array of services, including, but not limited to credit or debit card purchase capability, P2P exchange capability, and have even launched their own share tokens.

Kucoin site

Better yet, only a few crypto exchanges in the world can beat KuCoin in regard to fees and commissions. The platform’s developers have gone above and beyond to ensure the best value trading environment.

The standard fee for all spot trades you take at KuCoin is 0.1 percent. This rate can drop even further, depending on the number of KuCoin shares you hold.

For excellent customer support, KuCoin has created a multitude of channels covered around the clock by highly professional personnel. These channels include a live chat function you can access 24/7 365, a detailed FAQ section, and a wide range of educational content that you’ll find helpful (particularly if you’re a beginner.)

You can also reach out to KuCoin’s support team for an equally faster response via their support line, email, or social media channels, including Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram.

7. UniSwap

For years in the crypto realm, most (if not all) traders and investors had to rely on centralized platforms like Coinbase and Binance for crypto transactions. Well, that dominance was challenged in 2018 by the launch of UniSwap, which introduced the concept of a decentralized crypto exchange.


Built on the Ethereum Blockchain network, Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that awards users permissionless transactions of all ERC20 tokens without needing an intermediary. As a user on the platform, you’ll maintain control of your funds, which implies you’ll be in total control of your private keys.

Currently, the Uniswap exchange is the world’s 4th largest DEX platform, holding over $3 billion worth of crypto assets in its protocol.

The existence of Uniswap also solves one of the most significant issues most traders and investors have with centralized Blockchain environments. Under centralized authorities in the Blockchain realm, users are susceptible to unfair changes that could hinder their best interests. By being and staying decentralized, platforms like Uniswap award everyone a voice in developing their protocol.

8. Pancake Swap

The last but by no means least exchange you can use for those wondering how to buy titan tokens is Pancake Swap. PancakeSwap is the largest decentralized exchange for BEP20 tokens, implying that you can rest assured that the platform will supply the liquidity required to trade efficiently on the platform.

Pancake Swap

PancakeSwap’s trading system has also been designed to cut out order books and intermediaries. To that end, the platform incentivizes you, the user, to deposit your funds into liquidity pools, which other users on the platform can trade against. This automated liquidation model is the same as the automated market maker (AMM) we looked at in the “What is TitanSwap” section.

Titan Swap Price History

TITAN/USD chart tradingview

Let’s take a look at the titan cryptocurrency price history.

TitanSwap (TITAN) launched in 2020, with the CoinMarketCap listing the coin at $0.28 in September of the same year. TITAN would go on to climb to the $0.60 price mark in October before fluctuating over the next couple of months.

The token experienced its first significant spike in May 2021 when it reached an all-time high of $9.22 by May 12. This spike is attributed to TitanSwap’s announcement to expand the token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC.)

The BSC Bridge ultimately launched in July 2021 and was received with enthusiasm by investors. This development saw the Titan cryptocurrency peak at $9.60 on July 9.

Both the token and platform maintained an upward trajectory over the following month. The TITAN cryptocurrency price hit its new all-time high of $9.95 on August 12. Unfortunately, TITAN could not sustain this price level over the next few months.

Thanks to the broader crypto bear market, the token plummeted to below $5 in October of the same year and fell to less than $3 by the end of the year. This depreciation stretched into 2022, when the TITAN cryptocurrency price bottomed at the $1 price level.

TITAN would see a resurrection after an announcement that it would be listed on the KuCoin Exchange. On the day the token went live on KuCoin, its price skyrocketed from $2.50 to approx $7.14 within the same day. The price did fall moving forward though and fluctuated around the $2.50 mark over the next few months.

At the time of writing, the TITAN cryptocurrency price is sitting at $1.36.

Titan Swap Price Prediction

The future of the Titan cryptocurrency price will depend on how the coin manages to exploit its innovations and partnerships, but so far, the future appears to be bright. On April 6, TITAN got double-listed on KuCoin and BitHumb, an elite Korean crypto exchange. The listing on KuCoinn boosted the coin’s price by over 100 percent in 24 hours.

A month earlier, on March 30, the platform collaborated with Build H20 to save water and help ocean ecosystems. These collaborations and partnership deals are crucial for cryptocurrencies as they help tokens and coins garner attention worldwide.

Diving into technical indicators, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence remains neutral, but the average directional index and the relative strength index signal a ‘buy.’ The Daily Exponential Moving Averages have the three, five, and ten-week periods showing a sell, buy, and buy signal, respectively. The daily moving averages also show a majority ‘buy’ signal, except for the 3-week and 5-week period.

If the TITAN cryptocurrency price manages to puncture through the $1.9235 key resistance level, expect it to rally to at least $2.4997 and find a new resistance within that price level. The TITAN cryptocurrency price currently receives support at the $1.0747 price level.

To top off the Titan cryptocurrency price predictions, here is what forecasts from leading analysts had to say.





Min $1.64 – Max $1.95

Min $1.78 – Max $$2.38

Min $2.31 – Max $2.47


Min $1.26 – Max $1.43

Min $1.89 – Max $2.23

Min $$4.13 – Max $4.90


Min $2.49 – Max $3.35

Min $3.22 – Max $4.87

Min $7.06 – Max $11.11

How to Buy Titan Swap – Step By Step Guide

Buying TitanSwap is as easy as can be with MEXC. Become a proud owner of the TITAN cryptocurrency in four simple steps.

Step 1: Register With MEXC

register with mexc

Head to MEXC’s home page and click the “sign up” link in the upper right corner. A form will pop up requiring you to provide your personal information. Fill all the blank spaces, and accept the MEXC terms and conditions before hitting “Sign Up.” The required information includes your email address, password, and referral code (if any.)

Step 2: Verify Account

verify mexc

Like all other regulated trading platforms, MEXC requires all its users to complete a KYC procedure before transacting on their platform. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. The details you’ll provide at this step are your Nationality, ID type, first name, last name, and an identity card image.

MEXC will take approx. 24 hours to verify your identity.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

deposit mexc

Once verified, you can deposit money into your MEXC account using the payment method that best suits you. Options offered at MEXC are bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

Step 4: Buy Titan Swap (TITAN)

buy crypto mexc

Once your account is funded and verified, head to the “Buy Crypto” tab on the top left corner of the site’s homepage and pick the purchase method you’d like to use. Options offered by MEXC are P2P Trading, Global Bank Transfers, Debit, Credit Card, and Third-Party Payments.

Once in, pick TITAN from the drop-down list and complete the process.

How to Buy Titan Swap – Conclusion

If you’re looking to take a plunge into the crypto realm with the Titan cryptocurrency price, ensuring you pick the best exchange for your specific needs will be essential. Factors that’ll significantly impact your user experience include a great mobile trading experience, the lowest possible fees, and many digital assets available to trade on said cryptocurrency exchange.

With all these features in mind, we found MEXC to be the best choice to consider in the increasingly famous mobile trading space. Even experienced traders and those looking for low-fee exchanges will find a home with MEXC. Use the step-by-step guide we’ve highlighted above to buy Titan cryptocurrency at its current price on MEXC.


Where Can I Buy Titan Swap?

The best exchange to use to buy TitanSwap is MEXC, thanks to its large trading volume, high liquidity score, and advanced trading features.

Should I Buy Titan Swap?

Given the decentralized financial space’s constantly changing nature, TitanSwap has a bright future, so yes, you should consider buying the token. Just remember the age-old trading rule, “Do not invest anything you’re not willing to lose.”

How to Buy Titan Swap?

Most cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you to deposit your funds via a debit card, credit card, or bank account to transact. Next, head to an exchange that offers TitanSwap (TITAN) and exchanges the cryptocurrencies you just bought for the Titan token. Some exchanges like Coinbase will allow you to complete all steps on the same platform.

Titan Swap Price Prediction

Results from multiple fundamental and technical-based analyses show the Titan cryptocurrency price may rise in the near future.