Earlier this month, the developers behind the crypto game ‘Untamed Isles’, which was funded through Kickstarter, announced that their game would be put “on hold.” The reason behind this is the loss of funding due to the current crypto market crash the industry is experiencing. However, despite this, The team also stated that they still plan to release Untamed Isles in the future once the market has calmed down or becomes more favorable.

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What is Untamed Isles?

Untamed Isles was going to be a new MMORPG that has been making waves in the gaming community. It was a crypto game that was funded through Kickstarter. In this game, players will enter a world of fantasy and adventure, with endless possibilities for exploration and combat. The game world is vast and detailed, with a variety of unique locations to visit and monsters to fight.

However Untamed Isles was more than just another run-of-the-mill MMORPG; it also features an innovative system that allows players to change the game world itself. Through the use of special tools, players can terraform the landscape, build new structures, and even create their own quest lines.

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Fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market put a halt to the project

Sudden change in the value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies has forced the team behind Untamed Isles to stop the development of the game. While the project raised more than four times its original goal on Kickstarter, the costs of development quickly began to outweigh the funding that was generated.

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With Untamed Isles coming off the back of the crypto gaming craze, it seems that the team bet heavily and begin stocking up on various cryptocurrencies to bolster the in-game treasury. However, with the recent dip, the project apparently lost a enough money that development could no longer be funded much to the dismay of early backers.

The team of developers was working on a project for more than 2 years, however economic landscape changes stopped the progress. In 2021-2022, the cryptocurrency market changed dramatically and it hit the project hard. The team ran out of resources and funds to continue the development of the game. With the cryptocurrency market in flux, it’s become impossible to predict how much money will be available to invest in the project. As a result, Untamed Isles has been put on hold indefinitely.

Developers hope to bring the game back

The game project Untamed Isles is now known as “canceled,” despite the developers’ efforts to bring it back when their money troubles have been resolved. The developers are trying to avoid the issue of Kickstarter money being refunded, stating that they can’t because their resources have been depleted. Some people might cynically see the wording about the future of the product as a way of avoiding giving refunds. The idea is that people might be more likely to give up if they think development might pick back up at some point. Only time will tell how this saga plays out, but for now, it seems that Untamed Isles’ future is up in the air.

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