The “Crypto King” is facing some serious legal trouble after $35 million of investor money has vanished. According to legal filings, five luxury vehicles have been seized from him, including two McLarens, two BMWs, and a Lamborghini. The total value of the seized assets is estimated to be $2 million.

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The investigation is still ongoing, but it appears that a significant amount of money has vanished without a trace. If the Crypto King is found guilty, he could be facing some serious repercussions.

About Crypto King

Aiden Pleterski, better known as the Crypto King, is a Canada-based investor and entrepreneur who has made a fortune through cryptocurrency investments. His impressive predictions and ability to spot market patterns have earned him the nickname of ‘Crypto King’. Aiden first became interested in cryptocurrency in 2015, when he began investing in Bitcoin. He quickly saw the potential of this new technology and began to invest heavily in other cryptocurrencies. As the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum surged, so did Aiden’s wealth. 


Lawsuits Filed Against Crypto King

Aiden Pleterski is facing at least two civil lawsuits after claims that he allegedly took millions of dollars from investors who believed that they were investing in cryptocurrency. Pleterski’s social media boasted private jets and luxury cars, however, the Instagram account is no longer available.

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Some of the images used in the now unavailable Instagram account can be seen circulating the internet. The Security Commission is investigating the case and has warned investors to exercise caution when dealing with cryptocurrency investments.

Has Pleterski Disappeared?

It’s always sad to see a YouTube channel or Instagram account deleted, especially when that person had built up a large following. But in the case of Pleterski, it appears that he may have deleted his accounts after the lawsuits have been filed against him because he was using them to promote himself as a successful crypto investor and to gain the trust of people.

However, Pleterski purchased articles on websites like and the Daily Caller, both of which featured photos of him looking very successful. Notably, both of these articles were published at a time when cryptocurrencies were trading near all-time highs. It’s clear that he was buying the articles to promote himself as a successful crypto investor.

Will the Investors Get Their Money Back?

The crypto king was once a hero to investors, but now they’re trying to get their money back through bankruptcy court and two civil lawsuits. However, criminal charges haven’t been pursued against the crypto king, even though some have reported their incidents to Toronto police.

One reason for this may be that the crypto king’s web of companies and assets are spread across the globe, making it difficult for authorities to track down and seize all his assets. So far, it seems unlikely that the investors will be able to recover all of their money, but perhaps with more public pressure, the authorities will take more action against the crypto king.

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