With fees dropping significantly, the Crypto.com exchange is becoming an increasingly attractive choice for crypto investors. The fees have been reduced by up to 80%, making it one of the most cost-effective exchanges in the market.

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Also, the exchange offers enhanced benefits for CRO stakes, including zero maker fees and even negative maker fees for bigger CRO stakes. In their recent update, Crypto.com came up with upgrades to make users’ trading experience more convenient and lucrative.

Prominent changes in trading fees at crypto.com

Crypto.com has announced a significant reduction in trading fees, starting from 0.075% and 0.034% for the Spot and Derivatives markets, respectively and users can trade with a minimum amount. This is a reduction of up to 80% from the previous fees, making Crypto.com one of the best exchanges in terms of fees.  

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The pricing structures for VIPs and the Spot, Margin, and Derivatives markets have been simplified in order to make trading more accessible. They are easier to understand and advancing through the tiers is more straightforward. The new structure is designed to provide greater incentives for market makers and encourage more trading activity on the platform. 

With a new trading fee structure that significantly reduces the gap between maker and taker fees. The move is designed to let users trade on their own terms, and it comes as the exchange looks to attract more active traders.

Extra benefits for CRO stakes in trading fee structure update

With the new trading fee structure, CRO stakes are divided into 3 basic categories. CRO stakes that will stake even less than 1000 CROs will get additional benefits in terms of trading fees.

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In the second category, traders who will stake at least 50,000 CRO will pay a 0% makers fee across all the tiers and bigger stakes that will stake at least 100000 CRO will be paid to stake in terms of a negative maker fee. Many CRO stakes are shifting to crypto.com after this flexible fee structure and it is applicable for retail tiers 1-5.

Adjustment of CRO staking percentage

CRO staking percentage is adjusted from 10% p.a to 8% and this is applicable to only new stakings while existing or old stakings will not be affected by this unless users change the CRO stake after the effective date which will lead to restarting the period for locked stakes.

Why masses are shifting to crypto.com

It has been seen that the masses are shifting to Crypto.com due to various benefits, some of which are mentioned as under.

Up to dated technology

Crypto.com’s technology is always up to date they provide users with an app that helps to do transactions in a more secure and faster way.

Flexible fee structure

The new fee structure is designed to provide greater incentives for market makers and encourage more trading activity on the platform by attracting many new users.

Attractive staking rewards

The current reward for CRO stakes is up to 8% per annum which is attractive for users.

AirDrop program

From time to time, Crypto.com conducts airdrop programs in order to attract new users and also to engage their old users. Under this program, they distribute some amount of crypto coins to their users.

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